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My name is Dan.  I am a highly qualified and experienced Hypnotherapist, Counsellor and fully licenced Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioner working from a professional office near Scarborough town centre.

The first thing I'd like to say to you is that the fact you are here means that you have already begun a process of change.  As such, if you are committed to improving your life, and willing to work with me, I can help you.


I use several approaches, all with proven results.  What I’ve outlined below should give you a general overview, however, I do offer a free, no obligation initial consultation where we can talk in more depth and address any questions you might have.  As I say, it’s entirely free so please do get in touch!

What is Hypnotherapy?


Before I give you the answer to that, I’d like to start with what it’s not – stage hypnotism!  At no point will you be out of control.  Some clients say that they find themselves experiencing a different, dreamlike state, others that they are fully aware of everything that's being said throughout.  There’s no ‘right’ response, just a willingness to go with it.

As powerful as the unconscious programming is that drives people to feel anxious, depressed, fuels addictions etc, it can be changed!   Simply put, we have get you deeply relaxed to access your unconscious and make alternative suggestions to change the behaviour / feeling you wish to deal with.  Yes, there are a lot of techniques involved that have taken  extensive training and experience to master, but all you need to be concerned with is going with it and getting really nicely relaxed.

Certain treatments, like stopping smoking, are usually one-off sessions.  Most, however, require a minimum of three appointments, followed by a progress review.  I'll do my part and your work, commitment and passion for change in your life will also be vital to achieving your goals in therapy.  

Some less experienced hypnotherapists simply patch the problem, they work on the symptom, instead of the underlying issue.  I work on both.  Think of your symptom as being like a weed and the underlying issue, usually connected to damaged self-esteem, as the root of the weed.  If we only chop the symptom off, but don’t work on the underlying issue, what could happen?  You’ve got it – it is likely to recur!   Would that be effective, or even ethical therapy?  Not at all.


What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming?


In my opinion, hugely exciting!  The capability of the techniques I use to achieve rapid results is not only evidenced in my own practice, but in those of practitioners the world over.  As the term implies it uses language and the neurology of the brain (the way the wiring works) together with strong visualisation techniques to re-wire you!  I am directly licensed by the world renowned Dr Richard Bandler, who developed the theory and techniques I use on a daily basis.

Think about having the ability to significantly reduce or eliminate pain in minutes; the ability to take a past trauma and put it somewhere else in your mind so that it doesn’t have the effect it’s having on you; the ability to pet a spider if you’d had a life-long phobia of them; the ability to make something you crave but is bad for you, disgusting; the ability to generate confidence, calm or indeed any feeling at will.

By using NLP alongside hypnotherapy, I can offer you a combination of powerful techniques not used by the majority of other hypnotherapists.


What is Mnemodynamic Therapy?

Literally meaning dynamic memory, it is a little known, but hugely powerful psychotherapy technique which allows you to access and provide resolution for the effects of traumatic events from your past.  

Sometimes, when we are experiencing problems, they can be the result of numerous things building up in our minds, rather than our latest 'big' problem.  Think of your mind like a water tank.  The water in the tank (trauma, pain, hurt etc.) starts to build up and eventually it overflows.  This flooding shows as a symptom (stress, depression, anxiety, addiction, etc.)  Perhaps the recent event that you believe to be the cause of the problem may just be the latest thing to flow into your tank, but the thing that triggers the overflow.  Perhaps you don't know why you're feeling the way you do at all.  Whichever it is, Mnemodynamic Therapy can be the answer.  

By accessing and resolving sometimes hidden issues, the level in the tank decreases and it ceases to overflow.  In other words, the symptom goes away!  This is the beauty of Mnemodynamics, in that it doesn't necessarily matter if you or I uncover the real initial problems that caused you to develop self-defeating thoughts / behaviours, because we can simply drain the tank!

What is traditional counselling?


Typically we are referring to what is known as Person Centred Therapy.  It’s a process that provides clients with a safe, non-judgemental and empathetic environment to explore the problems they have and work through them.

I like to use these counselling techniques to really get to the root of a client’s problem – the weed analogy again!  In this way we can be sure we are applying hypnotherapy and NLP in most effective and expedient way for you.

I do offer pure counselling sessions, which are an opportunity to come and talk on a regular basis in confidence in a safe environment.  Lots of people feel great benefit from this so if you would prefer this route, I am happy to provide it.

What problems can I work with?


Well, the answer to that would be a very long list!  Typically though, clients usually approach me for help with the following:


Stopping Smoking

Weight Loss


Eating Disorders




Pain Management

Sexual Issues

Overcoming Trauma

Low Self-Esteem

Building Confidence

Building Healthy Relationships


This list really is the tip of the iceberg, so if you don’t see the issue you are seeking help with, please get in touch for a chat.  You’ll always find me friendly and understanding. 




I had shoulder pain for three years and in that time have been constantly swallowing painkillers.  You used a technique that worked like magic!  Still pain-free four weeks later.  Thank you!  S.S.  

Dan has a wonderful therapy style. I feel at ease in his presence from start to finish.  Highly recommend!!!  L.B.

Using NLP he took negative memories from my past and to my absolute astonishment, I had to keep searching my mind to check but the situation surrounding them is so vague, it’s like they never even happened.  S.C

Excellent therapy service!  Definitely recommend.  K.T.

I had been smoking, on and off, for 20 years. I’d had hypnosis before with slight results but always gone back.  Dan performed both hypnosis and NLP on me and I can happily say I have not had a cigarette for 17 days. Something that astounded me, I’ve saved £153 in 2 and a half weeks!!  Thank you Dan!!  C.L.

Thank you Dan, I am truly grateful to be guided to have a couple of sessions with you.  The shift and change I have experienced is tremendous!  I like your approach, would recommend you to anyone.  N.B.

Thank you so much!  I actually slept this avo.  No idea how you did that in less than half an hour.  V.B.  (Severe toothache).

(All testimonials are kept on file.)

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